Foundations for
Creative Learning
A four-part learning experience for students and young professionals to take ownership of their learning and career journey, and develop skills to move from ideas to action.

Featuring Jim Gilmore co-author of the seminal business book
The Experience Economy and Look: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills
Develop a suite of life-long learning skills
Our expert team will lead you through a dynamic learning experience leveraging insights, experiences, and tools from decades of our professional work as entrepreneurs, CEOs, consultants, coaches, teachers, authors, and speakers.

In Foundations for Creative Learning, you will:
Gain skills for creative learning and independent thought
Learn to design every class, project, internship, and other assignments as building blocks for your larger vision for growth.
Clarify your values, vision,
and voice
Actively plan multiple possible futures, develop value-driven habits, and craft language and stories to say what matters.
Learn to read, watch, and listen with purpose
Our lives are overwhelmed with information. Learn what to pay attention to, and how to process and make meaning of what you see.
Observe opportunities for meaningful input and impact
In an age of distraction, our attention is currency. See the world in a different way to gain perspective and persuasive power.
Increase curiosity, cultivate a sense of wonder
Discover how to make life and work
more interesting. Be fascinated
(and more employable!).
Move big (and small) ideas into action
Design projects and action plans with feedback and learning loops to help you grow in knowledge and confidence.
A learning experience that meets you where you are

Foundations for Creative Learning is not your same old zoom meeting. You will apply and practice what you are learning real-time and develop new self-awareness and confidence to way-find your future.

Through four interactive learning sessions, weekly activities, and personal coaching, you will develop a process, and early stage habits, for thinking and working more creatively and intentionally with your time as a learner, your life, and your career.

Personal Assessment

We start where you are. What ideas, insights, and vision do you want to act on? What's holding you back?
(4) 2-hour Interactive
Skill Sessions
Join a small cohort of creative thinkers to learn and practice a new set of skills for living more creatively and meaningfully. Facilitated via zoom.
Weekly Learning Activities
Learning is a mental, physical, and social activity. Each week you'll have something to read, something to do, and a conversation to have.
1:1 Coaching Session:
An Idea to Advance
Working with our expert learning guides, you will articulate an initial action plan for moving your personal learning journey forward.
Curriculum: Foundations for Creative Learning
May 4:
Mapping Multiple Possible Futures
Your future is full of possibilities, but it's easy to get stuck, overwhelmed by options or feel that your our current reality is far from what you desire. In our first session we will map multiple possible futures for the next five years based on your interests, experience, and passions.

Practiced Skills
+ Reflecting
+ Thinking long-term
+ Planning multiple scenarios

May 11:
Seeing New Possibilities

Your current moment (schedule) is also full of possibilities... if you can see them. In this session we will practice seven habits of observation to improve your ability to notice opportunities for creative engagement.

Practiced Skills
+ Seeing the big picture
+ Identifying what really matters
+ Reading more effectively

May 18:
Building Creative Confidence

How can you gain confidence that your insights and ideas are worth pursuing? In this session we will practice methods for generating new ideas and explore new ways to test them, including conversation as powerful prototype.

Practiced Skills
+ Designing creative outliers
+ Designing testable learning goals
+ Leading meaningful conversations

May 25:
Prototyping Your Ideas + Managing Yourself
With more data in hand, how do you decide to act? How can your actions over time cumulate into a distinct body of learning and work that reflect your values and vision? In our final session, we will practice skills to hone your voice and vision.

Practiced Skills
+ Using personal feedback loops
+ Developing your own voice
+ Operating within and beyond expectations and institutions

Your Learning Guides

Grady Powell
Host & Facilitator
Greenville, SC
Founder and CEO of Openfields social innovation firm

Co-Founder of Capita

Futurist entrepreneur

Former ad agency guy at EP+Co

Once a Runner

Haley Robison Dake
Lead Coach & Learning Guide
Austin, TX
Lecturer at The University of Texas

Named Top Conscious Business Leader by Conscious Company

Former CEO of Kammok

Venture Partner at Praxis

Trained at the Stanford and IDEO

Stanford MBA & MEd

NOLS Wilderness First Responder
Jim Gilmore
Guest Guru
Cleveland, OH
Creative thinking guru and best selling co-author the the HBR Press classic The Experience Economy and most recently Look: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills

Co-Founder of Strategic Horizon, LLP and the thinkAbout creativity conference

Batten Fellow at the Darden Graduate School of Business and the University of Virginia

Former Dean Helen LaBaron Endowed Chair at Iowa State's College of Family and Consumer Sciences

Assistant Professor, Design & Innovation at Case Western's Weatherhead School of Management

Lecturer @ Cornell, Duke University, RIT

Still a Juggler

Listen to Haley on the She Explores podcast:
Episode 25: The Power of Showing Up

A short interview with author Jim Gilmore discussing his 2016 book, LOOK: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Observational Skills. Includes a brief book description, why he wrote it, what readers will learn, and how he translates the book into speeches & workshops.
What folks have to say
Febin Bellamy
Founder of Unsung Heroes, Ed-tech entrepreneur
"The experience was so engaging and reflective. I learned to take a step back, slow down and develop a greater appreciation for my whole life. It was really interactive, everyone was so engaged, and the hosts, Grady and Haley, created an inclusive and judgment free environment where I could share my thoughts and opinions. It was a wonderful, stimulating learning environment."

Henry Howard
Business & Finance Student
"Foundations for Creative Learning was so unique. We worked with Jim Gilmore, author of Look, to really understand and question, from the source, the models and the content of creative thinking. The experience was empowering and so much fun. It's already changing the way I live and look in the world. I find myself being more present and pursuing what one of my cohort members called courageous thinking."
Judith Araujo
College Point Advisor, Graduate Student
"All of the content we covered was thought provoking and even mind blowing. One of my biggest takeaways was learning to embrace change and look at all of the possibilities for me to develop my strengths and ways I can grow as a leader in my current role."
Jared Simmons
Founder and CEO of Outlast Consulting
"I wish I spent more time in college learning how I learned and how to learn...because the world needs more people who are open to learning, continually, and who have developed independent thought. Your future success is dependent on knowing how to learn new things."
Grace Mueller
Senior Research Analyst, Asian Development Bank
"Foundations for Creative Learning is an opportunity for students to build habits and mental models that sustain lifelong learners, while developing the skills to begin imagining and creating a fulfilled future, today. Combining the most impactful career and life experiences from the brilliant minds of Haley Robison, Grady Powell and Jim Gilmore, students will walk away with the tools they need to succeed in their future endeavors, however world-changing and fantastical they may be."
Meredith Schultz
Mom of two and lifelong learner
"In our present cultural moment, we are oversaturated with information, and many feel ill-equipped to navigate from data point to true insight. Haley and Grady are exceptional coaches on this journey. Their workshops and learning experiences prepare students to tackle big questions, integrate ideas across disciplines, and approach all of life with a sense of creativity and purpose. I wish I could have participated in this program before I finished college!"
Who is a good fit for Foundations for Creative Learning?
If you've gotten this far, we think you're a pretty good candidate! This course is for:

  • Young professionals, early to mid-career
  • Committed learners who are exploring alternative tracks for personal education and professional development
  • Those who feel confident, but want to think further ahead and beyond the status quo
  • Those who feel confused about their role and want to gain clarity moving forward
When will I know if I'm accepted into the course?
We typically process applications in less than 24 hours — we'll get back to you within 1-2 days.
What is the total time commitment?
We expect participants to commit approximately ~4-5 per week including group sessions (~16-20 hours for the entire course).
I have conflicts on the course dates — can I still take it?
We encourage you to apply anyways, and let us know what your conflicts are. Depending on the number of applicants, we may expand our dates and times available for April. 
How large will the class be?
Each cohort will be no more than 12 students.
I'm tired of Zoom...
We know, we are too...and that's why we've designed this course to bring the most energy possible to an online platform, while engaging you beyond the screen with activities and exercises to spur your continued learning.
What if I don't enjoy the course?
If you aren't fully satisfied, have a breakthrough, ah-ha moment, or feel electric and excited about a next step in your journey, we'll 1:1 coach you until you do.
Foundations for Creative Learning: May Cohort
with Haley Robison Dake and Jim Gilmore
Applications DUE April 23
Complete our short application for your preferred course dates below, and receive confirmation and a link for payment within 24hrs.

You Receive
+ Personal Assessment
+ Mapping 5 Year Futures
+ (4) 2hr Learning Skill Sessions
+ Weekly Activities
+ 1:1 Coaching Session